Wet Dogs are Happy Dogs!: Funny Dog Pictures

Cool Dog Pictures

Who doesn’t love happy dogs?  On a dog’s terms, water can be their happy place.  Sure,  wet dogs don’t smell like roses, and drying them takes a magician’s skilled hand.  Still,  happy wet canines can make happy wet owners…(if you opt to live in the fun-of-the-moment)!   If you don’t feel like dealing with the water, you can just sit back and enjoy these funny dog pictures.


“I’ll save you little fish!”

canine leaping into the lake

Source: thewildriverflow@instagram

“You may have beaten me to the toy; but you’re wearing a life jacket.  You had an edge.”

two dogs playing in the water

Source: ruby_the_riveter@instagram


pooch just out of bath

Source: grinchy_feet@instagram

“Marco!    Fish out of water!”

two dogs playing in a pool

Source: jaeca_the_aussie@instagram

“Catch me like you did the kid!”

cool black canine jumping in a pool

Source: buffy.and.her.vampire@instagram

“I think they’re trying to wear me out.”

pooch bringing back a ball

Source: journeyhound_ravenrottie@instagram

“Come on, Baywatch!  Cast me!  I’m hot running in the break.”

awesome white canine breaking the waves during sunset.

Source: lunalouthegsd@instagram

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