What Do you Get When you Combine a Dog and a Dirty Deed? The look of Shame!

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Remember BarkingLaughs is dedicated to make you smile.  And how can you not smile at funny dogs looking guilty?   This look is so universal, it’s makes you wonder if the look is in grained into their DNA.  The funny part is just ask your dog, “who did that?”  You’re guaranteed to get a look of guilt.

Have you ever got this look without any visible evidence of what they did?

guilty pooch looking down

This is a preemptive look of shame.

black lab looking guilty


This look borders on forgiveness and not shame or guilt.

guilty looking canine behind a tree

My dog gives me this look when I spell V… E… T.

shameful looking pooch on a chair

Do you think he thinks that the grass will hide him?

guilt canineon the grass

Man! This dog must have done something really terrible.

guilty pooch looking down

There is kind of a look of shame in one eye, the other eye has a look of defiance.

yellow lab with a chuck in his mouth

This guilt is so bad that he tried to bury his head in the sand.
guilty canine tried to bury his head in the sand

This look boarders on shame with a touch of anger.  He kind of scare me.
bigtime guilty looking pooch

The above images were from Pixabay.

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