The Subtle Art of not feeling Sad! Looking at Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Sometimes, there’s beauty in pure and random chaos.  Sometimes, there’s beauty in simplistic thought.  Here’s a hodgepodge of funny dogs, and their leanings towards one thought mode or the other.

“Please put the shoe back together and I’ll be a good dog forever.”

funny dog praying for redemption

Source: littlemissjessieb@instagram

“It doesn’t matter that I’m a dog.  Listening to how mean your boss is for the 80th time is boring!”

Shepard yawning

Source: krishna_the_dog@instagram

“Why do humans organize their food on a plate?  It’s all going to the same place!”

pooch on the sofa eating off a plate'

Source: goran_forsberg@instagram

“It’s hard being as cool as a Pupsicle!”

puppy lab in the refrigerator

Source: capochino67@instagram

“I really thought I was getting away with something.”

canine ate some funky vegitable

Source: anf_adventures@instagram

“The one trick I master, forbids me the treat!”

puppy with a snack bone between his eyes

Source: beartheadventurer@instagram

“Technically, this should count as a bath”

canine in the sunshine

Source: mrancherland@instagram

“Keep that look going…GUILT is a powerful motivator”

two dogs staring out the window

Source: littlesmallness@instagram

“Nice and clean…so time to go find the nearest mud puddle.”

pooch just got a bath

Source: _bentley_bentley@instagram

“I’m starting with a flip-flop; but I’m working my way up to that big boot.”

puppy eating a flip flop

Source: malamute_lexus@instagram

A lot of debate went into this post and what category it should fall under; cool dog pictures or cute dog pictures. We choose Funny Dog Pictures, what do you think?

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