Sweet Ideas for Christmas Gifts for the Dog Lovers in your life.

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Dog Lovers may walk to a different beat and march to a different drum, so shopping for them during the holidays can be complicated (especially if you aren’t a Dog Lover).  Here at Barking Laughs we have YOU in mind and so have compiled the ultimate list of Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers.

If you are a Dog Lover, you’ll understand the thought involved in these presents. If you aren’t a Dog Lover, trust us, WE ARE.  Your Dog-Loving friends and relatives will surely appreciate these gifts!

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers


This game mirrors the classic Monopoly game; but with a fun dog-twist!   The properties are different dog breeds and the flip-side of the cards offer factoids about a specific breed.  This game is a must-have for any dog lover.

image of Dog-opoly for the ultimate Christmas gifts for dog lovers list

Noxgear LightHound 

Give the gift of safety to your dog lover with this Revolutionary Illuminated and Reflective Harness for Dogs Including Multicolored LED Fiber Optics (USB Rechargeable, Adjustable, Lightweight, Rainproof).  This thing is wicked!  You can change between 8 colors and it also has 6 flashing or slow-fading color modes.  Talk about a safe nighttime walk!  Even airplanes will see the dog!  

LED dog harness for the ultimate Christmas gifts for dog lovers list

Gopet Treadwheel

What?  You only thought that hamsters received the privilege to play on those cool wheels.  Think again!  I honestly can’t believe this thing exists; but it does.

dog hamster wheel

Wet Nose & Wiggly Butts Blueprints

This sort of gift for dog lovers shows that you have great taste, and that you’ve been paying attention.  Most breeds are available for these unframed pieces of wall art.

Embark Veterinary Dog DNA Test

Does a dog owner really need a DNA test to see what breed of dog they have?  Yes!  This test tracks about 200,000 markers, not only offering breed identification, but testing 160+ genetic conditions.  This enables a dog owner to proactively treat any future conditions.  Also, possibly saves hundreds in Vet fees.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

Ah, give the gift of true laziness.  No, really, I’d love to have this robot vacuum thingamajig so I don’t have to do the tedious work myself.  This Vacuum self-operates and comes with pet hair care technology and a focus on picking up hairs, dirt, debris.  It’s also great for hardwood or low pile carpet.

Lucky Lab Wine Bottle Holder by Foster and Rye

How cool are these wine holders?  And this isn’t the only breed available so you’ll be sure to find a perfect match-up for your Dog Lover.


GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)(GoPro Official Mount)

Do you want to see the world from a dog’s perspective?  If your gift recipient has a GoPro, then this harness might make a pretty cool present.  The harness features two locations for the camera–the chest and the back–plus it fit dogs from 15 to 120 lbs.


Kurgo Auto Grass(TM) Pet Behavior Deterrent

Based on experience, it’s beyond frustrating driving your overexcited dog anywhere…what with the nonstop attempts to leap to the front seat, or worse yet, the good-ole-plop-down-on-your-lap.  This little thing deters that behavior.

Lantoo Dog Seat Covers

Speaking about cars and dogs, do you know what’s fun?  Trying to get dog hair off your back seat.  The recipient of this gift will thank you immensely.  Trust me.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

This would be one thoughtful gift for a dog lover.  It monitors a dog’s location with GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi technology.  You can also set up a safe zone for the dog, and if the dog leaves the safe zone, a message is automatically pushed.  In addition, it keeps track of a dog’s activities to insure a proper duration of exercise.  Since it uses cellular and GPS technology a monthly subscription will need to be obtained.  But we feel being able to track a dog is worth it!

PetChatz HD: Two-Way Audio/Video Pet Treat Camera w/ DOGTV, Recording, Scents, and Motion/Sound Detection

Odds are if you miss your pet during the day, they miss you even more.  This device is a two-way video and audio device, so you can pretty much chat with your dog whenever.   It also has a treat dispenser and a scent diffuser.  In addition, you can record the video and the audio of your exchanges.  This works via laptop or smartphone.  If you really want to amp it up, there is an accessory called the PawCall.  That enables your dog to hit a button and actually call YOU!

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Cam and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Works with Amazon Alexa

If the petchat above is a little above your price point, then this device might work.  It does have two-way audio and treat dispensing capabilities.  However, it is only one way video.  One cool feature is the bark alert.  You’ll receive push notifications to your phone if Furbo hears Barking.  In addition, this works with Alexa.

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers: Clothes

TeeStars – Dog Paw Print – Love Women Hoodie

Great Hoodie for any dog lover!  You have options as well since it comes in four different colors.

Love hoodie for the ultimate Christmas gifts for dog lovers list

The Mountain  T-Shirt

How crazy are these shirts?  The Mountain makes all kinds of dog t-shirts (Dean Russo Prints included).  We’ll show off three cool ones here.  There are more designs if you click this link.

Black Labrador for an idea for Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

Vans ASPCA Classic Puppy White Unisex Adult Shoes Slip On Sneakers

Vans & the ASPCA…talk about a winning combination.
Puppy Vans shoes for the ultimate Christmas gifts for dog lovers list

We hope that these Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers relieved you of a little stress.  Keep in mind, a great present to give the dog lover in your life is awareness of Barking Laughs and it’s FREE.  So, share on our Facebook page, Twitter and Google+ with them.

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17 great dog gifts ideas side

More Gifts for Dog Lovers

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