20 Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers for Under 20 Dollars for 2017!

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In an attempt to make your holiday shopping a little less stressful, Barking Laughs has created this ultimate list of Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers.  Even better, all gifts for dog owners are under twenty dollars!

Dog Lovers are a totally different breed of human, so shopping for them during the holidays can be a little tricky.  Luckily, you have Barking Laughs to show you the way.  If you are a dog lover then you’ll understand most of the humor involved in these presents.  If you aren’t a dog person, trust us, WE ARE, and so your dog-loving friends or relatives will appreciate these gifts.

So, sit back and let your fingers do the shopping as you browse some totally awesome Gifts for Dog People.

Unique Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers :

Don’t Judge My Dog Eco-Friendly Tote Bag 

Below is just a simple tote bag; but the message on it will speak volumes to dog owners.

unique christmas gift for dog lovers, keep track of your dog's feedings

The Original – Did You Feed the Dog?

This  little device will be a much-appreciated gift.  There are two main reasons why dogs gain weight.  First, they get fed the same meal by different people in the house.  Second, someone forgets if they fed the dog or not, and feeds the dog twice.  I know it sounds ridiculous; but it happens.

Gift for Dog Lovers to keep track of their dog's feeding time

Texts from Dog 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

Filled with hysterical “Texts from Dog,” this day-to-day calendar is based on the popular textfromdog.tumblr.com website.

Texts from dog calendar for dog owners

Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable

This awesome collar comes in 7 different colors and 4 different sizes.  Dog owners will love it as the collar keeps them and their dog safe on nightly walks.  In addition, it can stop you from stepping on your dog at 3 in the morning when you get up to use the bathroom.

GSD with glow in the dark collar, Christmas gift for dog lovers

The Best Dog Selfies! Pooch Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick

Does the dog lover you’re buying a gift for love to take pictures of their dog?  Are the snapshots any good?  If not, this might be the gift for them.  I’m not going to lie…this thing is either the wackest dog gadget ever invented or the greatest.  You decide.
poochie selfie for camera phone

Yoga Dogs Together 2018 Monthly Square Wall Calendar

Dogs and Yoga!  How can you go wrong?

two funny dogs doing yoga for 2018 calendar

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers : For the Home

Personalized Funny Novelty Gift Dog Nose Coffee Tea Mug 12oz (Dog Nose)

What Dog lover wouldn’t love drinking from this mug?  It would make coffee time fun for the dog lover, and the dog.

funny coffee mug Christmas gift for a dog person

Dogs Welcome People Tolerated 5″ x 10″ wood sign plaque

This sign would be perfect to hang on a Dog Lover’s front door.  However, it wouldn’t be good for my front door.  People already aren’t tolerated here.

wood sign for dog people

Best Dog Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Dog moms love being dog moms.  This mug would be a great gift because every dog mom I’ve met knows that they are the best dog mom ever.

best dog mom coffee mug for christmas present idea

Drinking Glasses

These drinking glasses would make awesome Christmas gifts for dog lovers & booze lovers!  “It’s not really drinking alone if the dog is home” is a funny and logical assumption.  Better yet, why don’t you get them Dog Beer to actually go with the glass?  I’m not kidding, with this in mind visit DOG BEER

Dean Russo Fleece Throw Blankets

We love these diverse Officially Licensed Dean Russo artwork fleece throw blankets.  Technically there are six items; but we’re only going to count this as one.

  1. Savvy Lab Fleece Throw Blanket by Dean Russo

  2. Dean Russo Golden Retriever Fleece Throw Blanket

  3. Beware of Pit Bulls They Will Steal Your Heart Fleece Throw Blanket by Dean Russo

  4. Dean Russo Love and a Dog German Shepherd Fleece Throw Blanket

  5. Rescues Are My Favorite Breed Fleece Throw Blanket by Dean Russo

  6. Dean Russo Perfect World Every Dog Has a Home Fleece Throw Blanket

High Cotton Big Mutts Doormat

What Mutt Lover wouldn’t love this mat offering the first impression of their home?   Whoever lives here must have a sense of humor, probably grew up in the 80’s, and loves Big Mutts.  I’d visit!

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers : Clothing

The Dogfather Shirt 

A shout-out to one the greatest guy’s movies ever?  It’s a win!   Also, it throws props to being a dog dad.

Puppies Make Me Happy You Not So Much Tshirt 

Face it, dog people not only like dogs more than cats, they like dogs more than humans.  In essence, you’re telling your friend or relative that you understand their mentality by giving them this sweet shirt.

5 Pairs Women’s Fun Dog Socks

Do you remember growing up how someone would always give you socks for Christmas?  That’s when I learned how to lie.  “Thank you.  I really needed socks.  How did you know?”  I think dog lovers may actually gush (not lie) over receiving these fun socks!

Dogs Because People Suck T-Shirt 

I think we already had this conversation.  To summarize, Dogs Rock and humans are tolerated!

Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers : Books

Feed Your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs

Show them that you care about their 4-legged-buddy with this totally healthy dog eating book.  Much like human food, dog food is mass produced and processed beyond processing.  Let’s face it, can’t be that healthy.

health food book for the dog

The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

A picture speaks a thousand words, so a thousand dog pictures must speak….A LOT!  Show the dog lover in your life that you, too, appreciate the elegance of the canine species.

Peanut Butter Dogs

This is one of those books that’s hard to put down.  Every picture is awesome, and it feels endless in a good way.  Not to mention the 140 lovable pups will steal your heart.  Most of them are rescues and photographed with perfection.

picture book gifts for dog lovers, peanut butter caused pictures

Underwater Dogs 

To begin with this is a Great Picture book which showcases underwater pictures of dogs.  Additionally, this book is perfect for your coffee table.  In fact, be careful if you decide to look through it before you wrap it because you just might keep it for yourself.

picture book gifts for dog lovers, dogs underwater


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