Do You Have the Balls to Enjoy These Funny Dog Pictures?

Funny Dog Pictures

I know that dogs are man’s best friend; but is man a dog’s best friend? It’s probably a safe bet to say that we are; but balls, I believe, come in a close second. If you have a ball and a dog, you can literally erase minutes off the clock.  No matter size, color, or material, if it’s round and rolls, a dog will mouth it…ready and willing to play with you.

“I thought this is what you meant by March Madness.”

pooch with a crushed basketball

Source: kelceys@instagram

“Small tennis balls are for average dogs.  I’m a Lab.”

Lab in the water with a big ball

Source: megandiana84@instagram

“Tricks on you!  Now, it won’t roll as far.”

little pooch with a crushed ball

Source: playfuldenver@instagram

“Quick, get to the car!  Some crazy lady’s chasing me with a racket.”

big canine running and returning a tennis ball

Source: ouch1965@instagram

“Kids were using this ball as a weapon–kicking it at each other–so I gave them a time out.”

crazy canine crushing a soccer

Source: bino.the.staffy@instagram

“I worked to fetch the ball.  You work to get it back!”

pooch won't give up a ball

Source: lillianloving@instagram

“This is legal.  I’m not using my hands!”

canine with a soccer ball in their mouth

Source: skye_pup_@instagram

“Nope.  Not getting the ball back.  Hitting it with a stick is making me run too far.”

canine with a baseball

Source: casandwiches@instagram

“Thank goodness!  They finally got a ball that won’t pop!”

lab with a plush soccer ball

Source: polly_the_labrador@instagram

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