12 Easy Ways to Smile: Dog Shaming Pics!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Some of these Funny Dogs really went for it with these antics. To be honest, a few of these signs have me scratching my head and asking the question…How the hell did that happen?  For instance, the last funny dog picture says that human poop was involved.  HOW, and WHERE does a canine find human poop to roll around in?  Then the picture below, “I fart like a Human.” What exactly does that mean?  Do you wait until your alone, or do you crop dust the house?  Do you blame the dog?  Wait you are the dog, do you blame the kid?  I’m getting a headache trying to understand.  It’s probably better if I just look at the dog shaming pics and laugh.

Dog Shaming Pics

Dog Shaming pics of an American BullDog who farts like a human

Courtesy: chrissy_putnamhair@instagram

Dog Shaming Homer a black labrador who ate his mom's underwear

Source: teriannestanley@instagram

A pit-bull named Olive that ate 4 leashes in one month

From: emma_chasexo@instagram

Boo just ate the remote control for the television

Source: ourboyboo@instagram

Funny Dog Picture of a Husky that is claiming that he tried to east a cat at the Vet.

Courtesy: jmsnpc@instagram

dog shaming pics of Dixie being shamed for eating a Calzone off the counter

Source: alp6212014@instagram

Irish Wolf Hound that eats shoes and pees in the house

From: k_mills102614@instagram

dog shaming pics of an Akita Puppy ate the wall.

Source: punched_mango@instagram

Nika can't have nice things because she chews them all up.

Courtesy: jynxy_@instagram

Dog Shaming pics of a Big Canine mistakes a cantelope has a chew toy.

Source: rebersol@instagram

pooch admitting to bullying puppies

From: klocovakatka@instagram

Wet Black Labrador had to take a shower because they rolled around in human poop?

Source: luciashford@instagram

With all things considered, these dog shaming funny pictures should have helped you get your laugh fix.  Of course, if you still want more, then check out all of our Dog Shaming.   When your done with shaming, why don’t you check out all the Funny Dogs.  

In any event, be sure to come back here for more dogs.  After all, you can never have too many dogs!

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