Solution for the Holiday Blues? Dog Pictures with Santa!

Pictures of Funny Dogs

The way Christmas comes out of nowhere can sometimes disorient you.  The Black Fridays.  The Cyber Mondays.  The BUY THIS NOW.  The WHO DO I HAVE TO BUY FOR NOW???  All of it can deliver you into the Holiday Slump zone, which can then lead to the Holiday Blues. We found a simple solution for this state of mind–DOGS. More specifically, Dog Pictures with Santa. Don’t believe us?

Then take a look at these cute and funny dog pictures.

However,  before you do we’d like to thank everyone that allowed us to share their Holiday pictures.  We love that the Santas are so unique, and that they actually look happy posing with a dog!  The dogs, needless to say, are rocking the Holiday pictures too!

Dog Pictures with Santa

Dog sitting with santa

Source: steffer1018@instagram

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa Husky with old school Santa Claus

Courtesy: sidneythehusky@instagram

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa in front of a clock

From: jstalquist@instagram

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa

Source: beautifuldisaster__666@instagram

Sweet picture of a dog kissing Santa

Courtesy: pontchthefrenchie@instagram

Santa Claus picture with cut dog on his lap

From: dood_named_nelson@instagram &

DogMama Images

Christmas Dog Pictures with Santa Old school 2 funny dogs

Source: maximusblueboston@instagram

old school santa claus with a dog

Courtesy: francienolank@instagram

2 funny Dogs sitting with Santa Claus

From: brindleandblond@instagram

Christmas dog picture with Santa Claus

Source: django_the_bulldog@instagram

Cool looking Santa with a dog on his lap

Courtesy: fairypugtails@instagram

Sometimes the solution does not immediately take effect.  Occasionally, you might have a delayed reaction.

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