Batdog | Funny Dogs dressed as Batman

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Sometimes I feel kinda of bad when I see dogs dressed up in some ridiculous costume.  But not with these Cool dogs, they look pretty wicked dressed up as the Cape Crusader.  So let’s do this, same canine time, same canine website!, Yes it’s time for the Caped Canine Crusader. Nanananananananana Batdog!  If you need another hero fix, check out these cool super dog pictures.

Batdog Pictures


German Shepard dressed as Batman

Courtesy: earthshakingadventures@instagram

two funny dogs wearing a Robin and Batman Handkerchief

Source: jasonmahoney22@instagram

Shepard dressed as Batdog

From: osira7@instagram

Canine in Batman attire

Source: lsdmgz95@instagram

little pooch dressed in batman shirt

Courtesy: thewonderfulchimere@instagram

“I am vengeance, I am the night, I am BatDog”

Canine disguised as Batman

From: luluthemexicanbeachdog@instagram

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