Dog’s Favorite Day: Tongue Out Tuesday!

Funny Dog Pictures

Funny Dogs are the only thing that can save Tuesday. Tuesday is typically the most boring day of the week.  So this week, we aim to spice it up with Tongue Out Tuesday. What’s Tongue out Tuesday?  Scroll below and it speaks for itself.  Some of these funny dog pictures should be framed and hung up in a museum.

***FYI, we kept the captions/comments sparse since nothing good can come from poking fun of a dog’s tongue!


Funny Dog Picture of a pooch with his tongue sticking out during a nap

Source: barkerandchase@instagram

cute white pooch on floor with tongue out

Source: beartheadventurer@instagram

canine with huge tongue

Source: presley_cbd@instagram

K-9 sleeping with tongue out

Source: viennadawg@instagram

canine panting with tongue out

Source: lucy.the.pibble@instagram

cute pooch with huge tongue

Source: dottycakedesigns@instagram

tongue out tuesday

Source: winni_the_poup@instagram

cute pooch licking his nose

Source: angela19_90@instagram

big canine chilling with tongue out

Source: youfascinatemeso@instagram


lab in car with tongue out

Source: maplethechoclab@instagram

tongue out doggie

Source: loki_the_rescue@instagram

Want more Tongue?  Yea, that last question was kind of disturbing.  How about, this question, do you want to see more funny dogs?  Then check out all of our pictures!

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