Time to Get Wet! Tongue Out Tuesday! Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Tongue out Tuesdays are the best. Especially if it’s a Tuesday after a three day weekend. We all need something to make us smile today. And better yet, these pictures pretty much summarize how I feel towards that evil creature known as “WORK”.   But what if you’re not looking at these Funny Dog Pictures on a Tuesday?  Doesn’t matter they’re funny no matter what day it is, so check them out!

canine in a mud puddle with a nice clean tongue

Source: mika_thedoberman@instagram

cute small pooch sticking his tongue out

Source: erniecavoodle@instagram

Cute pooch sticking his tongue out

Source: casserolecasshole@instagram

dirty Labrador licking is own face

Source: baileyandbrandy_pups@instagram

pooch giving the camera a raspberry

Source: monty_mc_geary@instagram

cool canine with shades sticking out his tongue

Source: memedogge@instagram

canine with tongue out

Author: laurasefman@instagram

Labrador Retriever sticking his tongue out

Source: trevor_the_bear@instagram

golden retriever puppy sticking his tongue out

Source: pretty_girl_nala@instagram

So do you think Tongue out Tuesdays are funny dog pictures?  Or did these pictures gross you out? For some reason I kept thinking about ice cream cones.

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