A Cleaver Way to put an Instant Smile on your Face! Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

It’s time to get Silly at BarkingLaughs!  What do you need for silly time?  Funny Dogs of course! So, sit back, and enjoy some funny dog pictures. If you crack a smile, share with others and become leader of the pack.  Also, stay in know by becoming a fan on our Facebook page.

This brings up fond memories of baby-sitting my little brother!

two dogs goofing around in a living room

Source: harvey_the_pitbull@instagram

“You can trust me.  Who would I tell?”

Silly picture of a Labrador retriever

Source: baron_the_labrador@instagram

“Am I thirsty, hot, or secretly mocking a human expression?”

silly canine sticking out his tongue picture

Source: shadow_the_great_dane1@instagram

“I’m laying down, and standing up at the same time.  That deserves two treats!”

A big laying on the sofa while his legs are on the ground

Source: duke_the_unlikely_pitbull@instagram

“Please don’t wear that to the Dog Park.  It’s embarrassing!”

a canine hiding under a blanket looking embarrassed

Source: oneikasyogalife@instagram

“Why’d the chicken cross the road?   Because I chased it!  HA HA HA, get it?”

Rocky is laughing

Rocky is a regular caninemedium!

Source: rockybuubbs@instagram

“Not thirsty, not hot…just sticking my tongue out at you!”

pooch sticking his tongue out

Source: anikah81@instagram


We hope that you enjoyed silly time.  If you need more canine shenanigans, we have plenty of more funny dog pictures.

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