Skip your Therapy Session and Look at these Funny Dog Pictures Instead!

Funny Dog Pictures

Are you in one of those moods that desperately needs a smiling chuckle?   I think that looking at some goofy dogs might just do the trick.   Dogs do goofy things all day long; but, it’s a well-crafted art to capture it with a camera.  You have to nurture the patience to sit back for a prolonged period of time…and wait for the perfect “barking laughs” snapshot.   Well, these owners waited, and captured some awesome shots.  Thankfully, you can enjoy them all, so sit back, get comfy, and enjoy some fine Dog Art and have a smiling chuckle.

“I’m sure some Yogi out there will be inspired to create a new pose, “Dog Down, Butt Up!”

canine with his butt in the air

Source: titan_the_terminator@instagram

“You haven’t seen me in an entire 10 minutes!  Now, rub my belly!”

Pooch laying on his back with a funny expression

Source: haileyharte@instagram

“Ugh…next time, I’ll check out the dinner spread before breaking out the begging eyes.”

Husky eating lettuce

Source: mr.nobody.89@instagram

“So I started barking at 3 am for no reason.  Owner comes out with a flashlight, searches from every window imaginable for prowlers.  Lasted 20 minutes. Funniest Thing EVER!”

group of dogs laughing like a joke is being told

Source: triplepawz_@instagram

“There’s no way they’ll know I was in the woods.”

dirty white dog

Source: finya.frodo.fairytale@instagram

“I really should have worn shorts with this shirt.  I thought it was long enough to cover my butt!”

pooch in a t-shirt

Source: archieandsuki@instagram

“Come on!  Throw the ball again!  I’m not tired at all.”

canine with tongue out

Author: laurasefman@instagram

“I told you cats land on their feet.”

2 dogs looking over the side of a bridge at something

Source: pennyisagolden@instagram

So how was that? Did these Funny Dog Pictures do the trick?  If you need a little more, be sure to check out the rest of our Funny Dogs.

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