Meet the Dog that Once Saved an Entire Town! The Siberian Husky!

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It was 1925 in Nome, Alaska and several children were suffering from diphtheria–a highly contagious and life threatening bacterial infection. The only anti-toxin was located 1000 miles away in Anchorage.  Because of the weather conditions, the anti-toxin could only make it to Nenana via train (which was still almost 700 miles away from Nome). Officials decided to enlist 20 dogsled teams to perform a makeshift pony express to transport the medicine the remaining way.  Close to 150 Huskies ran the relay through sub-zero temperatures to successfully deliver the anti-toxin!

Huskies are awesome creatures–stunning inside and out!  However, if you plan on getting a Husky, do your research, and resolve that you’re in it 100%.  They require A LOT of attention and activity.

If you do have the time and commitment, they certainly will brighten your life.  If you don’t (no worries)…enjoy these pictures instead!

Black and Whit Husky with light blue eyes staring at the camerastella_rosehusky@instagram

brown and white Husky in the car with tongue hanging outdiana_e_dc@instagram

black and white husky in a car on a ferryhusky_jaxon@instagram

black, gray white husky with awesome blue eyessiberianhusky_pepper@instagram

black and white husky with tongue outhuskyanddoxie@instagram

hairy black and white husky named monstermonsterthehusky@instagram

husky hiding under blanketwhere_is_hero@instagram

brown and white husky posing for the camera laying on a couchpolarbeard@instagram

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