Awesome Service Canine Protects His Trainer’s Head During Seizure in this Dog Video

Dog Videos

I know we try to post funny dogs and their videos and stay away from the hard core stuff we typically see on other pooch sites.  But watching this video made me feel good.  I might not be throwing out any Barking Laughs, but I’m feeling good and that really is our intent here at BarkingLaughs.  This is a pretty cool video.  It shows a service dog, Colt, performing one of their life saving techniques when their owner/trainer is reenacting a seizure (THIS IS NOT A REAL SEIZURE).  The whole goal is not to let the head hit the floor.  I love seeing trained service dogs…so incredible.

Source: Clever Service Dog Protects His Owner’s Head During Seizure by thejanayekearns on Rumble

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