Get in the Spirit with Some Santa Paws Pictures with Dogs!

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Santa Paws Pictures? Who is Santa Paws?  Obviously, Santa Paws is Santa Claus (for your dogs)!

I know.  You’re not only skeptical; but wondering WHY exactly do I need to incorporate Santa Paws into my already overloaded Christmas holiday???  Well, in a word, GUILT.  To begin with, picture Christmas morning.  You’re opening presents with the family.  Everyone’s having a holly jolly time.  Then, you look over at your dog slumped in the corner with a martyr face.  Guilt dumps allover you like a never-ending snow shower.  Then, everyone else notices the dog’s displeasure, and looks at you like it’s your fault.  Now, you’re really on the holiday GUILT train.  Who needs THAT on Christmas Morning!

Enter Santa Paws to the rescue!  Santa Paws not only delivers dogs the coolest doggy gifts; but he snaps cool photos with your dog too!

In the event that you aren’t a believer in Santa Paws…scroll below for undeniable proof.  All in all, enjoy our Santa Paws Pictures with Dogs!

Santa Paws Pictures with Dogs

Santa Paws pictures 2 dogs with Santa Claus

Courtesy: adventures.ofphoenix@instagram

Below is Mcloven the Stud Muffin,  Check out his fanpage!
Santa Paws pictures 2 dogs with old school Santa Claus

Source: zuzupetals09@instagram

Santa Paws pictures 1 dog with Santa Claus on red sofa

From: oes_kinghenry@instagram

Santa Paws pictures 1 dog with Santa Claus on blue couch


Santa Paws pictures 2 dogs with Santa Claus corgi and hound

Source: throwmud@instagram

Santa Paws pictures 1 dog with woman Santa Claus

From: samira_the_bordercollie@instagram

Santa Paws pictures little cute dog with smiling Santa Claus

Courtesy: lisasu1@instagram

Definitely one happy dog!

Santa Paws pictures retriever with happy Santa Claus

Source: jglo811@instagram

Santa Paws pictures small dog with Santa Claus on a red wood chair

From: jennifer_yogi@instagram

Santa Paws pictures black dog with Santa Claus


Santa Paws pictures dog dressed as reindeer with Santa Claus

Source: flynnthejugalier@instagram

Obviously, Santa Paws is oh so real.  Ultimately, these dogs can attest to it.  But if you’re still having doubts and need more proof, we have more pictures below in an additional post!

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