Quick Method of Relieving The Blues ! Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Theses images have nothing in common except two things, a weird situation or pose and Funny Dogs!  Here we go again…more random Funny Dog Pictures.

“Come on man, let me in.  I promise I won’t pee on your tree again.”

Two dogs having a conversation through a sliding glass door

Source: the305dogcrew@instagram

“You think you’re slick using my butt for a pillow?  Jokes on you!  I ate beans for lunch.”

2 funny Dogs laying together on the sofa

Source: laurabedora@instagram

“If one more person refers to me as a Husky, I’m going to loose it!  I am a Malamute!”

close up of a Malmute's nose

Source: zaaradamalamute@instagram

“Did they buy me as decor to match their floor?”

picture of Great Dane that looks like the floor

Source: greatdane_lokiandfriends@instagram

“Your two minutes are almost up.  Then it’s my turn…or else!”

Husky stalking a golden retriever and is jealous for attention

Source: 2husks1golden@instagram

“The force is strong in you.”

Schnauzer with a hat on that makes him look like a Jedi

Source: glavy_the_schnauzer@instagram

“Really?  I did the hard work, and you’re trying to take credit.”

dogs fetching stick in water

Source: staygoldenbowie@instagram

“They said I could be anything.  So…I chose shag carpet model.”

pooch hiding in a shag carpet

Source: thechrispot@instagram

“Look, I made you dinner.  Oh, you don’t eat raw meat.  No problem.  I’ll eat yours.”

little pooch eating a fancy dinner

Source: anni_the_kromi@instagram

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