Stop Wasting Money on Therapy? Smile Again With some Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

These random pictures of some funny dogs are one-in-a-million. It takes mad-dog skills to capture the exact moment one’s beloved pooch creates the ultimate expression.  Typically, when my dog does something funny or memorable the camera is a thousand miles away.  And, of course, when I do have the camera, my dog might as well be a log.  But not these awesome camera-ready dogs!

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“Say cheese?  How about raspberry instead!”

pooch sticking his tongue out

Source: teamnamibear@instagram

“Please sanitize the handle.  Do you know how many disgusting kids have rode in this cart?”

small canine in a shopping cart where little kids sit

Source: frenchiebulltown@instagram

“Can we stop talking about your day?”

canine yawning with tongue all over the place

Source: varg_and_myggen@instagram

“I’m not laughing because that was a stupid joke.”

dalmation looking all serious

Source: mandarine_the_dalmatian@instagram

“Please shut the drapes.  The Young and the Restless is almost on and the sun’s creating a glare on the TV.”

pooch chilling on the sofa

Source: silence_of_the_lambchops@instagram

“Why do you keep asking who the good dog is?  It was me last time you asked…and there aren’t any other dogs here.”

canine staring into the camera Source: sirachillesthegolden@instagram

“Seriously!  Turn the flash off when I’m sleeping if you can’t resist photographing me.”

German Shepherd laying in a chair

Source: deejaysayshi@instagram

“Why did we watch the entire season of 13 Reasons in one day?”

funny pooch who looks out of it

Source: rubyredcollie@instagram

“Too tired to get the treat.  Wondering if my tongue can reach it.”

dog laying down with tongue out

Source: maty_thedog@instagram

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