Begin to Turn Your Day Around Within a Minute: Puppy Time!

Puppy Pictures

When things get rough, one thing can turn your day around for the better or the worse–PUPPY TIME!  But if you want to stick to the better side of puppies, it’s always safer and less expensive just to look at puppy pictures.  But if  you want to roll the dice, an actual puppy can’t be beat.  You can always count on a puppy to do something endearing…or equally destructive.  How many times has a puppy ruined your favorite shoe?

Puppy Time

“I’ll lick.  You load.”

puppy time with a husky puppy on dishwasher

Source: johannarelleum@instagram

“This is my favorite comfort toy.”

puppy time with a labrador puppy chewing on a tennis ball

Source: blazethechocolab@instagram

“Play with me, or naughty I’ll be.”

husky puppy posing for the camera

Source: yakul_thehusky@instagram

“Pardon.  Could I, perchance, trouble you for a snack?”

puppy time with a cute puppy sitting on the floor

Source: chroniclesofotto@instagram

“Fifteen-minute dog-nap…that’s all the time I can offer from my chewing-on-everything destruction.”

little puppy taking a nap

Source: poppygoldenretriever@instagram

“I know.  I’m a pretty pup.”

puppy time with a cute puppy laying on the ground

Source: nablanero@instagram

“I’m pretending to be a bunny.”

sweet puppy laying in the grass

Source: theharveyfiles@instagram

“Look!  Now you don’t have to unroll it!”

dog kills the toilet paper

Source: realpiaffegirl@instagram

“I’m doing my best stuffed animal imitation.”

husky puppy on the sofa

Source: kaitehanley@instagram

“I’ll take a bath, if you’ll play with me.”

puppy with a duck

Source: bb8_the_teddy@instagram

“I’m cuter than a wolf pup.”

cute puppy being held

Source: johannarelleum@instagram

“See.  I’m even more endearing when wet.”

cute little puppy taking a bath

Source: my_maisy_girl@instagram

Do you need more Puppy Pictures to get you through the Day?  Of course, there’s always some Funny Dogs?  If you’re thinking about getting a puppy but don’t know what to name it, then check out or puppy naming section!

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