Time is Running Out for You to Find the Perfect Dog Halloween Costume!

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Tick Tock, So have you found the perfect Dog Halloween Costume yet?  If you are drawing a blank, have no fear BarkingLaughs is here.  We have assembled some great dog pictures of some costumes, and even tried to find where you can get them.  So stop procrastinating and get that dog Halloween costume today!  If you can’t find anything you like in this gallery, we have some links at the bottom for the rest of our Halloween Dog Post.

This Rascal is going to walk alone, we couldn’t find this exact costume anywhere.  You can go ahead and look at Amazon’s Devil dog costumes and see if anything burns your fork.

Cute funny canine in a dog Halloween costume the devil

Source: scaredy_puppy@instagram

BarkingLaughs loves superhero costumes. This things use to be cheesy but recently they are looking good. This Dog is rocking the Robin, the Boy Wonder, Dog Costume like a champ!   Amazon definitely still has this Robin Dog Costume, as well as other superheros!
Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume Robin

Source: dtphxzee@instagram

Garden Gnomes have always scared the hibbies out of me.  So this costume is actually a little more terrifying than the traditional Halloween fair.  Amazon has the hat and the beard, but not the overalls and shirt.  Maybe you could find another outfit, or just go with out.

Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume a garden gnome

Source: justangelajean@instagram

Talking about hibbies!  Freddy Kruger and the original Nightmare movie kept me up for many nights.  This dog does the costume justice.

Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume Freddy Krugar

Source: dexandruby2@instagram


Amazon actually has a version of this Freddy Costume, here is a picture to compare.

This is pretty cool Lumberjack dog costume.  Amazon doesn’t have it but Target does.  So if you want to have your dog be a lumberjack this year, head on over to Target.

Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume lumberjack

Source: bentley.the.503.bully@instagram

We love this guy!  This might not be a costume, but this hat is awesome!  I’ve looked for this hat all over the place.  It isn’t specifically a dog hat, but a woman’s hat.

Awesome canine in a dog Halloween costume dressed as a cat

Source: bentleyand_me@instagram

Here we have Cali the Lion.  We got this from Amazon and tried it out.  Cali is a bout 65 pounds and the large was almost too big.  Thankfully they have an adjusting string.

Then we dressed Cali up like Brett Michaels. I found this wig/bandanna at Party City, it was a human costume though.

Check back in, we are going to run a couple of more Dog Halloween Costume posts. In the meantime, why don’t you check out the previous HOWL-O-WEEN costumes from early post.  If you want to always stay on top of our latest posts, be sure to subscribe to BarkingLaughs and become a fan on our Facebook page.

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