Do you want to Smile? : Dog Shaming Pictures

Dog Shaming Pictures

Sometimes, it’s nice to feel less alone in our individual daunting dogs-owning-universe, and see fellow canine owners dealing with similar trials and tribulations.  Also, sometimes you need a good old-fashioned barking laugh and dog shaming pictures does the trick.  Enjoy, these Funny Dogs!  Before you start, I have just one question. Was the bag of flour already on the couch or did Darla the Husky grab it from the kitchen, brought it over to the couch and then opened it up?

Husky spills flour on the sofa

Source: darlathehusky@instagram

pooch chews and eats a nice table

Source: megandiana84@instagram

canine kills a stuffed animal

Source: lezley_ann@instagram

canine rolls around in dead animals

Source: ginnythepoomutt@instagram

Pup chews hole in sofa

Source: myko_themaniac@instagram

pooch eats deviled eggs

Source: 3babies12paws@instagram

canine ate the dinner

Source: corrie.gause@instagram

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