The Quickest Way to Stop Dog Destruction! Take Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Dog destruction, admittedly, entertains me.  The Funny Dogs, guilty-looks, denial-looks, just-don’t-care-looks…I love it all. It’s not that I’m taking pleasure in the destruction of property.  I know it’s a pain to clean up.  But, somehow, I think these owners were entertained as well.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken the time (or patience) to photograph their endearing dog’s destruction.

“I warned you about recycling.  You really need to be considerate for future generations.”

Canine makes a general mess

Source: zorrosstuff@instagram

“I’m making sure that it really has 1,000 sheets.”

toilet paper unrolled by puppy

Source: kona_the_baby_bernese@instagram

“Stupid bear kept taunting me.  He never blinked!”

Retriever killed a stuff animal

Source: tailendofsummer@instagram

“Yea, about that pillow you bought for me to sleep on…it exploded, so I guess it’s you and me in your bed tonight.”

Canine kills a pillow

Source: mrelvisthebeagle@instagram

“I’m not sorry!  I know how much damage that pen has done.”

pooch got to pen and chewed it up

Source: pi.stagram@instagram

“I told you I was scared of that vacuum.  So, you see, I had to attack while it was sleeping.”

German Shepherd eats vacuum attachment

Source: trena.todd@instagram

“You complained about the required reading.  I solved the problem.”

Canine did eat the homework

Source: ifuseek@instagram

“I was looking for your keys.  Sorry.  Not in there.”

pooch went thru trash

Source: teetakescare@instagram

“I guess next time you complain about my hair on the furniture…just consider…it could be worse.”

canine destroyed something messy.

Source: alexkent14@instagram

“I was sick of the uninspired spray bottle wiping clean my artistic smudges on the window.”

canine chewed up a spray bottle

Source: ulrikalagerquist@instagram

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