DON’T Wait Until It’s Too Late! Dog Halloween Costumes!

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Are you still stuck on your Halloween costume for this year? What about your dog’s costume? That’s right I said it, your dog! Dogs need a costume too! Don’t believe me?  Take a scroll down the pictures below. If you don’t have a costume yet, you still have time!  We’ve included links to Amazon to help you out.

Dog Halloween Costumes

The villain and the hero! The Superdog Costume is an everyday classic.  The Convict Canine is perfect for the mischievous little guy in your life.  The only issue with this costume is if people actually say, ‘Bad Dog’.

funny dog dressed up for Halloween

Source: milespup@instagram

The Lion Dog Costume, is a best seller this year.  Not only is it easy to put on your dog, it looks pretty wicked.

Funny Dog in a lion Halloween costume

Source: noahleander@instagram

We’ve been seeing this UPS Dog Costume a lot lately.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if this catches on with other companies.  I only wished they threw an extra P before UPS.

Cute Dog in a UPS Halloween costume

Source: shaylyfe@instagram

BANANA!  I love the minions!  Let’s face it…sometimes dogs do act the part.  Amazon has a few different versions of the Minion Dog costume.

Funny Dog in a minion Halloween costume

Source: luciathemaltipoo@instagram

This Dog Costume is priceless (or is it the dog’s expression).  I see that “Really?” face all the time with my dog.  We can’t seem to find this ensemble on line.  The bull rider was easily found.  The horns were a different story.

Lab dressed as a bull for halloween

Source: ryan.nichol35@instagram

This Dinosaur dog costume is sweet.  We couldn’t find an exact match; but there are several different kinds of Dinosaur Dog Costumes over at Amazon.

dog dressed as a dinosaur for halloween

Source: kirratheshiba@instagram

These front facing costume are the very creative.  This Teddy bear is perfect for a smaller dog.

pooch dressed as a teddy bear for halloween


This is an original Harley Quinn.  This is Bella and she is rocking Howl-o-ween OUT!  You need to check out all her costumes and pictures at BellaWeen.

Lab dressed as a harley quinn for halloween

Source: bignosebella@instagram

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t sell Harry Potter Dog Costumes; but we were able to find some of the items separately and ordered them.  Cali tolerated the photo shoot.  But I don’t think she’ll be making the rounds in this costume.

  1. The Glasses and Tie
  2. The Scarf
  3. A Hooded Cape

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