Who knew that TJ Maxx allowed dogs! It’s Dog Shaming Time!

Dog Shaming Pictures

No matter what is going on today, looking at these Funny Dog Shaming Pictures will make you smile.  It will also make you feel appreciative that you don’t have to deal with the mess, the destruction and the bills.  So are you ready for that time again?  Time for more shaming! I don’t know what I like more the crazy antics described on the sign, the evidence or the look on the their face. What about you?

two funny dogs being shamed for broken bones

Source: breahorton@instagram

Dalmatian kills Santa

Source: spectacular_spots@instagram

Canine ran through an electrical fence

Source: nebbyoutofthebag@instagram

pooch eats chicken poo

Source: aec1978@instagram

Pug got a hold of some oreos

Source: littlejulieandukulele@instagram

canine went to the bathroom on sitter's bed

Source: pro_vettech_petsitter@instagram

pooch went to the bathroom at TJ Maxx

Source: the_three_little__pigs@instagram

Husky eats Bugs then goes his mom and gives her a big wet kiss

Source: mayathemarshmellow17@instagram

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