Quickly Solve the Halloween Costume Dilemma For Your Dog? Check Out These Ideas!

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Howl-o-ween as it’s almost upon us!  Not really…we have a little bit to go. However, it’s definitely time to start thinking of selecting a dog costume, as it’s a bit trickier than picking out a costume for a human–child or otherwise.  It never fails for me.  I either find a great costume (and it’s sold out), or I buy a costume (and my dog hates it, rebels, and strips it off).

For the next couple of weeks, BarkingLaughs will try to make the process a little easier by posting the best Halloween costumes for dogs, equipped with ideas and even some links to purchase costumes.

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Lion Mane for Dogs

Below is one of the hottest sellers right now.  It’s affordable, easy to put on, and, let’s face it, looks pretty wicked.  The Lion Mane!  Amazon has a ton of them from different sellers.  Check them out here! The Lion Mane for Dogs

Howloween lion costume for Dogs

Source: miri_thesausage@instagram

Shark Hoodie for Dogs

Here’s a Shark costume for dogs.  The costume is simple–just a Dogo Shark Dog Sweatshirt.  The cool thing about this sweatshirt is you can use it all winter long.

Howloween shark costume for Dogs

Source: rexthefrenchbully@instagram

Dinosaur Costume for Dogs

Here we go with a Dinosaur Costume for dogs.  I guess it should actually be called a Dogasaur Costume!

Howloween dinosaur costume for Dogs

Source: dutch_the_rescue@instagram

Amazon has a few different kinds of dinosaur costumes available here! We like this head-piece edition.

Unicorn costume for dogs!

This unicorn costume is a winner.  How can you go wrong dressing your dog up as a mythical creature?

Howloween unicorn costume for Dogs

Source: megnug94@instagram

Amazon has a couple of different varieties.

Pirate Dog Costume!

These are some of the funniest dog costumes ever.  But I think they’re ideally for photo ops when you want to share your funny dog pictures.  They also tend to work better on smaller dogs.


Howloween colonial costume for Dogs

Source: deeddae@instagram

Superhero Dog Costumes

You can never go wrong with dressing your dog up like a superhero!  The only problem posed is picking one out.  Amazon has so many and many more!

Here is a Spiderman Costume for Dogs.

“With Great Pawer comes Great Responsibility!”

Howloween Spiderman costume for Dogs

Source: flying_chaucer@instagram

If you’re going to do a superhero, you might as well dress up your dog as Superman!

Here we have the Amazon Princess herself, Wonder Woman.  The Wonder Woman dog costume will most likely be very popular this year.

The Wolverine Dog Costume is a more retro Wolverine from the comic books.

Hope this post gave you some good ideas.  Check back next week for some more Dog Costumes. Happy Howl-o-ween!

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Howloween harry potter costume for Dogs