Can You Guess Which Costume Potato the Dog is Wearing?

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The worst thing about Halloween (besides strangers threatening you if you don’t give them candy) is the fact that every store in the country will have all their Christmas stuff out within the week.  Listen to me being a Doggy Downer.  I apologize.  We have a few more days to enjoy the Halloween season.  So let’s do so with these funny dogs dressed in costumes!

Dog Halloween Costumes

May the force be with you!  Star Wars Costumes have been popular forever; but this dog costume of Princess Leia is pretty slick!  Amazon has a few left as well as just the head gear.  If The Princess isn’t your cup of Alpo, they have several other Star Wars characters available.

Halloween Dog Costume of princess leia

Source: kimcougarcurry@instagram

Got to love the canine convict.  I like this one because it doesn’t say “Bad Dog” on it.

Scooter the dog dressed as a convict for Halloween

Source: a_dog_named_scooter@instagram

How fitting for a dog named “Potato.”

Halloween Dog Costume tater tots

Source: adognamedpotato@instagram

This costume looks awesome and expensive.  The dog is definitely pulling off the monster look.

Halloween Dog Costume of a wacky monster

Source: ralphiearnold@instagram

Spider-Dog!  You can never go wrong dressing your dog up in superhero costumes.  Still some left over at Amazon.

Halloween Dog Costume of spider-dog

Source: hankthehandsomeman@instagram

After looking at this pic  don’t you just want to chill on an Island and listen to some Marley?

Halloween Dog Costume two funny dogs dressed as rastas

Source: north_the_golden@instagram

Like I said you can never go wrong with Superhero Dogs!  I feel like these two fit the bill perfectly.  Also, love the filter for this photo.

Halloween Dog Costume superman and batman

Source: mira_n_yuki_tails@instagram

These forward facing costumes are great for photo shoots.  I wonder how they hold up with the dog walking around?  Here you go if you want to try one out.

Halloween Dog Costume UPS Delivery

Source: etdemarco@instagram

The Teddy Bear costume fits this dog to a tee.

Halloween Dog Costume teddy bear

Source: arucia@instagram

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