Can you Guess why the First Dog is Smiling: Dog Shaming!

Dog Shaming Pictures

A few of these dog pictures will be instant classics! Some of the circumstances that these dogs find themselves in are crazy.  Most of these funny dog pictures definitely have me leaning in the belief that this behavior is ingrained into their genetics.  You can’t teach jealously or passive aggressiveness, peeing in a boyfriend’s shoe is not learned behavior.  Stealing food and eating it is obviously just done because dogs can never pass up on food, so those will go in the DNA category.  Then you have the canine that uses all the rugs for butt cleaning purposes,  guess every creatures wants a clean boot.  Enough with the analysis!  Here is some Dog Shaming Pictures to get you through the rest of your day!

Two funny dogs being shamed for doing the funky monkey and one ending up pregnant

Source: megandmccollum@instagram

canine is a bully

Source: karentheanteater@instagram

Shaming picture of a canine that ate rice krispies

Source: kanerpup_@instagram

pooch eats glutan free bread

Source: sunnyebunnye@instagram

canine pees on a sandcastle

Source: douglasthefungus@instagram

two funny dogs getting shamed, guilt free canine that ate his sister's food

Source: adoptadogor2@instagram

canine pleads not to be shamed again

Source: gunner.avery@instagram

canine outside because he rolled in fecal matter

Source: opietheexplorer@instagram

pooch pees in boyfriends shoe

Source: _smurphette_@instagram

canine destroys carpet with butt!

Source: gunner.avery@instagram

Something I definitely want to see is the result of the first picture in a couple of months, pretty sure those pups will be cool looking!

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