Which of these Antics did you Partake in? Funny Dog Shaming Pictures!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Can always use some funny dog pictures early in the week to get me in a good mood. Who am I kidding? Anytime during the week I can count on dog shaming pictures to put a smile on my face.  What’s funny about this batch is that a few of them remind me of my childhood.  Thankfully, my parents didn’t have the forethought of smacking a picture on me and taking a picture or I’d be just as embarrassed as these funny dogs!

Pooch destroyed the sweet potatoes

Source: corinne.beck@instagram

Perfect example: My brother was a royal pain, but I had no problem taking his stuff. That’s what big brothers are for after all.

Big canine stole all the puppy treats

Source: bernesemountaindog_glenn@instagram

boxer destroys bed

Source: lulutheboxerrescue@instagram

My sign would have read: “My parents left me alone for the weekend and I drank a whole bottle of tequila that they brought back for Mexico and replaced it with water.”
big canine ate a two pound block of cheese

Source: tinytaster@instagram

pooch escaped and the whole neighborhood had to chase him down

Source: kellyhunt_@instagram

I can proudly say that this Dog Shaming Picture does not pertain to me.  But I can’t say the same about a family member.

pooch likes to do the stuff animals

Source: akira_the_chi_x@instagram

husky eats an entire birthday cake

Source: zeusthefloof@instagram

My sign would have read:  “I ate a Bar of Soap because I said the word crap in front of my mother’s boss.”  Still hate Ivory soap.

pooch ate a bar of soap

Source: adventures_of_hurley@instagram

If feel your pain pooch.  My sign would have said:  “I broke the cardinal rule…Don’t drink from anyone’s Jim Beam and Coke that is in the kitchen!”

canine drank the coffee

Source: shannonlynn267@instagram

So is Dog Shaming your go to for laughter?  If so click on the link for the entire category.  If you want to broaden your horizons and check out the rest our Funny Dogs then jump to all of the Funny Dog Pictures.

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