9 Reasons to Let Your Dog Slide on The Last Thing They Destroyed! Maybe.

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Dogs of Destruction

After viewing some of this destruction, I think I’ll let my dog off the hook for chewing up that toy. It shouldn’t have been on the floor anyway. I cannot believe some of this destruction!  I don’t even know what was destroyed in some of these pictures.

“You’re welcome, now go buy a memory foam pillow, and quit crying about your stiff neck!”

funny dog picture of canine sitting in the mess he created with a feather pillow

Source: damnitdevon@instagram

“Now you can stop whining about how you have to pick dog hair off the sofa every week!”

Funny dog destroyed a sofa

Source: loki_the_dobie@instagram

“I thought the no eating on the sofa rule was for the kids.”

husky ate a big piece of fruit on the leather sofa

Source: brawner@instagram

My brother did the exact same thing when he was 8.

funny dog picture of a pooch that like bras

Source: grettawetta@instagram

“Well, my ball isn’t in there.  I know it’s around here somewhere.”

greyhound dumped over the trashcan and spread the mess all over the place

Source: 50shadesofgreyhound__@instagram

“I know you thought that chew toy over there was going to prevent this…sorry it didn’t.”

labrador sitting in the mess he created by eating his dog bed

Source: oldgreencouch@instagram

“Why do I always get blamed when these thing happen?”

sofa chewer

Source: m_lizzie1222@instagram

“It’s not my fault you left the light on when I was trying to sleep!”

austrailian shepherd looking at the cord of a lamp that he ate

Source: aussiepup_riley@instagram

From left to right!

“What mess?”

“Go ahead and try to prove it.”

“Why are you looking at me?”

funny dogs sitting in the mess they created.

Source: morainemac@instagram

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