How Many of these Dog Shaming Pictures Seem Familiar?

Dog Shaming Pictures

Some of these dogs are out of control, and we love it! Are these mischievous antics born out of genetics or are they learned? But how can it be learned behavior if they are the only dog in the house?  Do the funny dogs get together at the park and discuss how to antagonize the humans?  Do they have secret websites, which detail the instructions of antagonistic behavior?  They have to be sharing their strategy somewhere, because most of can relate to a few of these dogs.  Who knows!  Anyway be sure to enjoy the latest and the greatest in dog shaming pictures!

Canine steals muffins

Source: vanderkim99@instagram

pooch poops in every yard

Source: katiemarlow14@instagram

pillow get eaten by funny dogs

Source: lewlola@instagram

shoe gets it by pooch

Source: dobbytheflyingwheaten@instagram

dog shaming pictures of a husky who loves to eat shoes

Source: khaleesi.husky@instagram

canine shamed for eating toys

Source: crystalmargaretsuesnider@instagram

husky being shamed

Source: broadwaybrewsupply@instagram

canine steals waffles

Source: jamesontheaussie@instagram

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