What in the World is Causing these Dogs to create such a mess? Funny Dog Pictures

Funny Dog Pictures

What’s better than Funny Dogs?  Nothing!  Here at Barking Laughs we find the greatest humor in Funny Dog Pictures that highlight destruction!

Some selections in this gallery of Funny Dog Pictures beg to ask the question…Is there a conspiracy in the Dog Food/Paper/Bed industries?  We believe these three factions are colluding!  Perhaps dog food companies are inserting a crazy enzyme in the food that compels Dogs to destroy paper products and dog beds?  It’s not too far-fetched when you scroll below.  Go ahead…have a barking laugh on us…

“Would you get up!  You might as well write the word guilty on your face. “

lab and Sheppard over the paper towel mess they createdluckymrsdaniels@instagram

“Would you believe the chevron pattern on the floor drove me to it?”

canine posing in front of the mess he createdmilaandfood@instagram

“Digging through the trash…it just isn’t what it use to be since they started that recycling kick.”

Pooch with a funny expression in-front of a trash pileobiandpipila@instagram

“I know they used this stuff to make cookies last time!  I wonder why it didn’t work this time?”

Labrador sitting in his crate with white powder all over the place2bigdoggos@instagram

“I bit the chair every time you said, STOP BEGGING!  Give me food next time.”

pooch posing with the chair he destroyedfoxandthehound2017@instagram

“I deduced how this thing got so lumpy.  Next go-around, can I have a memory foam bed?”

canine hovering over the stuffing of a pillowsohnc1989@instagram

“This book started off great; but around page 130…just too hard to digest.”

canine standing over a destroyed bookcrystal.pistola@instagram

“Is this really my fault?  How many times do I have to do this before you stop leaving papers on my bed?”

Malamute laying in their bed with shredded paper all over the placeziramalamut@instagram

“On the bright side, now you don’t have to waste money on a doggy door!” 

canine outside standing over the screen door he went throughsheldoncooper_rescuepup@instagram

“I just don’t understand why this beautiful paper is rolled up.  Looks so much more decorative unrolled and nibbled.”

pooch with toilet paper all over the placerootheyogacockapoo@instagram

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