Is Number 7 Stoned? Dog Shaming Pictures!

Dog Shaming Pictures

What’s in the water?  Or maybe in the air?  I’m not sure…but these Funny Dogs are off the chart!  This is the MOTHER of all Dog Shaming Pictures posts that range from Panty Bandits to peeing on a baby.  This post was one of the hardest to work on because I couldn’t stop laughing!  The signs are awesome.  Antics crazy.  And the dogs–sheer shameful!

Little pooch ate a chipmunk

Source: sonnythedog104@instagram

Chocolate Labrador ate a retainer

Source: timetodrinkpink@instagram

Canine stole the neighbors bone

Source: sunnidkm@instagram

Retriever ate the forth of July hamburgers.

Source: hseldomridge@instagram

Funny pooch is a self declared panty bandit

Source: candicej123@instagram

canine is being shamed for drink from the toilet.

Source: 1knitchick@instagram

Wow! One Instagramer made the comment that it looks like this dog was partaking in some Mary Jane before this picture was taken. That would explain the 22 granola bars and the “I could Care Less” look.
awesome canine ate 22 granola bars

Source: tiffer007@instagram

canine ate the whole bag of marshmallows.

Source: kenai_bolt@instagram

OMG! pooch pees on the baby!

Source: meeshachang@instagram

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