BarkingLaughs Funny Dog Photo Contest: The Results

Funny Dog Pictures

Our first Funny Dog Photo Contest is over and it did not disappoint. We had several entries and one clear winner.  We would like to thank all the entries, all the pictures were awesome!

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BarkingLaughs Funny Dog photo contest, dog looks like elton john

dog laying on the floor stick out there tongue

gangsta dog in a red hoodie

BarkingLaughs Funny Dog photo contest, big dog sleeping with tongue out

dog sleeping with mouth open

camera shy dog hiding under blankets

BarkingLaughs Funny Dog photo contest, dog with glasses

funny dog shaming of a bully dog with no teeth

close up funny canine picture

dog in a birthday hat

dog sticking tongue out


Sassy submitted by Chris Young!

winning image of Sally with her paw in her mouth.

Click here to see the results!

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Dog running through the snow, dog gifts feature image

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