What’s the Greatest Free Toy for Dogs? Stick It with Funny Dog Pictures!

Funny Dog Pictures

Sticks, for sure, are dogs go-to nature toy, and you can either join the fun and play catch, or sit back and let your dog chew away.  The only glitch I find in the good old dog/stick pastime is your dog sneaking that dirty stick back into the house.  Still, dogs and sticks…never boring!  I think some of these Funny Dogs got a little confused and mistook a log or a twig for a stick. Thankfully their confusion and their behavior created some Funny Dog Pictures for us to enjoy.

“I’ll hang out in the middle and let Lefty and Righty do all the work.”

3 dogs carrying a big stick

Source: fenwayandfriends@instagram

“Why can’t we play fetch like regular dogs?”

pooch with stick in the water

Source: baileyraethegolden@instagram

“The bigger the stick, the less I need to run.”

canine with stick in the snow

Source: julesploof@instagram

“Go get the stick yourself!”

canine with big stick in the field

Source: lukelik9@instagram

“So you think you can wear me out by throwing a stick?  Let’s see how quickly you wear out after throwing this log!”

little pooch with big stick

Source: ozzy.the.scruffy.mongrel@instagram

“I saw it first!”

“But I called dibs!”

two dogs fighting over a stick

Source: tzahilati@instagram

“I think this is the stick that you lost back in October.”

canine carrying a stick through the snow

Source: reverendcp@instagram

“Don’t laugh.  I’m in training!”

puppy with a twig

Source: golden_dog_jessie@instagram

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