Dogs who Love Snow: Snow Face!

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When you’re young and it snows, it’s the greatest thing in the world, as the sky opens up and drops magical white powder, instantly transforming a normal day into a daydream.   Then, you age and have to deal with bills, bosses, and traffic, and the magic that once was can turn into a nightmare.

Thankfully, these funny dogs act like children when it snows, and we can take pause, be present, and experience the magic once more. Some dogs even take it to the next level, and these funny dog pictures illustrates that level known as SNOW FACE.

canine with extreme snowface

Source: thelifeofdempsey@instagram

pooch laying in the snow

Source: barkingstark@instagram

canine with snow on his nose

Source: ninatransfeld@instagram

canine covered in snow

Source: sandie.k@instagram

pooch happily covered in snow

Source: chevytheaussiedog@instagram

These one is classic!  It should go into the Funny Dog Pictures Hall of Fame!

canine with caked on snow

Source: kolbs_the_cockapoo@instagram

canine laying in the snow with snowface

Source: j_sanford@instagram

Here you go if you want to see some more snow dog pictures. And this one if you feel like just looking at Funny Dog Pictures!

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