10 Dogs Dressed up for Christmas, Show How we Can Feel About the Season.

Funny Dog Pictures

Dogs Dressed up for Christmas can absolutely show how we, as humans, feel about the season.  Here at Barking Laughs we love the season; but still, for most humans, there are times when it can be draining both physically and emotionally.  Dogs, too, aren’t immune to the Christmas doldrums, as you’ll soon see while you scroll below.

These funny pictures of dogs dressed up for Christmas pretty much represent the spectrum of doggy doldrums and exhaustion with the ho, ho, hos and the holiday bustle.  In addition, the dogs, no doubt, show their range of annoyance or tolerance as humans take their Christmas snapshots.  The fact that you usually have to take upward of 100 photos to get that perfect shot, of course, doesn’t help lift your dog’s spirit either.  I’m sure that’s why, for the most part, we’re seeing some pretty unenthusiastic expressions throughout these pics.


Dogs Dressed up for Christmas


Dogs dressed up for Christmas canine in antlers

Courtesy: tuppy.thepuppy@instagram

awesome looking dog dressed up for christmas

Souce: fletchertheshopdog@instagram

lab under the tree dressed in candy cane antlers

from: jammer_the_lab@instagram

Dogs dressed up for Christmas with pink santa hat

Courtesy: staceygeorgina@instagram

Dogs dressed up for Christmas as a reindeer

Source: innerblissuk@instagram

Cali the yellow Labrador dressed in a Santa Hat

Are you the crazy neighbor or do you have one?

Dogs dressed up for Christmas dogs outside looking at a blow up dog

Courtesy: michellesvarietyshop@instagram

After the race is over, it’s finally time to relax.

Dogs dressed up for Christmas with a santa hat

Courtesy: mazana.liska@instagram

Time to get some shut-eye before the big day.

Dogs dressed up for Christmas as a yawing santa paws

Source: emilywilson79@instagram

What do you mean it’s all over?  We just started unwrapping presents 10 minutes ago.

Dogs dressed up for Christmas as something crazy

From: rainywolfy@instagram

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