11 Dogs Who Got Their Destruction On When Their Human Wasn’t Looking!

Funny Dog Pictures

Dogs destruction rocks!  I like to imagine it a mathematical equation.  Take mischief, multiply with boredom, and then add a dose of I could care less attitude, and BOOM–it equals DOGS OF DESTRUCTION.  Enjoy these mathematical destroyers in these hysterical dog pictures!

“What’s the problem? I killed the floor shark.  Now the kiddos don’t have to hop on your furniture to escape it.”

Pooch ate the stuffing out of a stuffed animal!

Source: rubenlpuga@instagram

“That Bed Mite segment on 20/20 really freaked me out!”

canine totally destroys their pet bed

Source: cincybakerpack@instagram

“I don’t know what’s more embarrassing…my sock fetish, or the discovery of my sock fetish.”

Retriever looks guilty over some socks

Source: goldennellie_mn@instagram

“I was looking for loose change!”

Canine eats cushion

Source: icecreamgolden@instagram

My bed doesn’t magically turn into Grandma’s bed when she visits.  Period.”

canine killed some piece of furniture

Source: brutus_and_me@instagram

“He puts my toys in his mouth!”

pooch ate and chewed up a pacifier

Source: mad.madam.mimi@instagram

“Fact-checking to see if there are really 1000 sheets!”

labrador eats tissue

Source: maizie_n_koa@instagram

“I’m tired of how my kind is portrayed in literature”

canine eats Go Dog Go book!

Source: sadiethepuppup@instagram

“Stay still, silent.  If they can’t figure out which one of us did it…we both get off.”

two funny dogs eat something with stuffing in it!

Source: kathryn_weber_@instagram

“I warned you that my bed was getting smaller.”

a canine with a lot of green stuffing

Source: skjaldmaiden@instagram

If I don’t get an Easter Basket, then nobody else does either!”

small pooch wearing the basket he chewed up

Source: daisygilko@instagram

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