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Barking Laughs wants to make you laugh! So we search the corners of the internet for Funny Dog Pictures from around the universe to make you smile and laugh!

Our posts highlight a specific subject in the dog world.  Dirty Dogs, Dogs begging, Dogs sleeping, Dogs that are upside down….the list goes on and on.  Sometimes we throw a bunch of Funny Dog Pictures together that are totally random.  We commonly add funny thoughts about each pictures, as well.

One of our favorite Dog subjects is Dog of Destruction.  Besides the ultimate mess, it makes us think.   Why did they choose to destroy that object? Is it the item that will make the most mess, or is it the item that you need the most? Do they do it because they’re bored, or hungry, or angry? What’s racing through their mind at the time of destruction?

Funny Dog Pictures like these can and will make you smile and laugh!

In the long run, it would be best for you to check out every post, you will never know what you could potentially miss.