Dog Shaming Pictures

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Dog Shaming has swept the world, and we are not immune to it.  These pictures are hilarious!  If you have a dog, it is easy to relate to some of the shenanigans documented in these photos.  But if you have the perfect dog, that doesn’t partake in this kind of behavior.  Then at least you can feel gratitude for not having to clean the mess up.

Dog Shaming Pictures have two main components.  First, the sign detailing the mischievous deed.  Lastly, the dog with a priceless look of guilt, shame or indifference. Of course, extra bonus points are awarded if the mess is included in the picture.  As you will see though, with some of these shenanigans, it might be better if we don’t see the evidence.

Are these acts of destruction learned behavior?  Or is it ingrained in their DNA?  Lately, we have been leaning towards the DNA side, because some of the Dog Shaming Pictures feel almost universal.  People that have dogs can definitely relate to some of these actions themselves or a variation of it.

Either way, be sure to check out all of our Dog Shaming Post below.  Try not laugh too hard!