WOW! After what that last Dog did to the Sofa, could you take a nap on it?

Dog Shaming Pictures

Dog Shaming Pictures

Happiness is a state of mind!  How can your mind not be in this state when you have your eyes looking at these funny dog pictures?  These dogs are so entertaining, in fact we think every dog is entertaining, but there is something about dog shaming that strikes the funny bone HARD!

Small dog participating in dog shaming for grabbing a mouse.

Source: justangelajean@instagram

funny dogs getting dog shaming for tearing up a pillow

Source: poopsandpeeps@instagram

Small pooch getting shamed for escaping and eating stuff

Source: alai23_@instagram


cute Labrador mix getting dog shaming for eating a retainer

Source: rosieandnalaxoxo@instagram

dog shaming a pooch that ate the blinds

Source: just_call_me_t_78@instagram

beagle being shamed for eating the wall

Source: jerem_emps@instagram

dog shaming of a big dog that stole food and fell asleep

Source: markie23lynn@instagram

dog shaming of a white dog that ate the tomatoes then puked

Source: inbalinka@instagram

small pooch getting shamed doe eating his sisters goldfish

Source: miasmama77@instagram

I could totally reuse this sign if Brother Shaming was a thing!

funny dog getting shamed for using the sofa as an object of desire.

Source: s_alexart@instagram

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funny dog picture of a canine who destroyed a sofa

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