How to be Happy at Work: Dogs in Trouble!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Dogs in trouble means entertainment for you.  What is going on in the world of dogs?  For the most part, I’m starting to lean towards a belief of an actual destruction gene in these beasts.  How else can you explain how universal these destructive antics are? Regardless, let’s take a break from the human realm.  With all things considered,  Dog Shaming  is the definitely one of the best ways to take a break from the world.  Enjoy some of these Canine shenanigans and be grateful that you don’t have to clean up some of this aftermath.

Dogs in Trouble


canine being shamed for peeing on blanket

From: wicked_geeky@instagram

dogs in trouble with a pooch hiding under bed

Source: keiko_soy@instagram

part one Labrador dog shaming pictures

Courtesy: everybodyloves_adler@instagram

Labrador dog shaming pictures part 2

Source: everybodyloves_adler@instagram

dogs in trouble with a beagle shamed for farting

From: daisythefatbeagle@instagram

canine being shamed for eating a remote controller

Source: maisy_and_melissa@instagram

dogs in trouble with a pooch being shamed for eating a shoe

Courtesy: puddleschicken.raindog@instagram

Nipple cream eating pooch

Source: theofficialbuckley@instagram

pooch shamed for carpet incident

From: sissy2124@instagram

dogs in trouble with a Puppy being shamed for destroying Duvets

Source: cache_meifyoucan@instagram

Well that was interesting!  But I have one nagging question.  What the hell is nipple cream?

With all things considered, these dog shaming funny pictures should have helped you get your laugh fix.  Of course, if you still want more, then check out all of our Dog Shaming.   When your done with shaming, why don’t you check out all the Funny Dogs.  

In any event, be sure to come back here for more dogs.  After all, you can never have too many dogs!

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