12 Dog Shaming Pictures that have the most irresistible Dog Faces that beg for forgiveness!

Dog Shaming Pictures

Most Dog Shaming pictures contain two major components.  First, the hilariously repentant sign that explains your dog’s misdeed.  Second, the Dog offering his/her best expression of shame, guilt, or indifference.   Here at BarkingLaughs we love each of these expressions.  For this go around we will be offering the look of shame as the theme.  Some of these dogs are pros and honestly demand instant forgiveness.  I can almost feel that these funny dogs are trying to summon up some tears to complete the look.

It took dog years to select the TOP 12 because there were so many great Dog Shaming Pictures in our archive. But if you laugh as hard and often as we did in our search, you owe it to the star-studded shamed dog to share this post with your pack.

Funny Pooch ate reading glasses

Source: therealnash_ville@instagram

little pooch being shamed for eating trash

Source: plurr_yogi@instagram


canine drank the coffee

Source: shannonlynn267@instagram

Retriever ate the forth of July hamburgers.

Source: hseldomridge@instagram


awesome canine ate 22 granola bars

Source: tiffer007@instagram

Irish Wolf Hound that eats shoes and pees in the house

Source: k_mills102614@instagram

beagle shamed for farting

Source: daisythefatbeagle@instagram

husky being shamed

Source: broadwaybrewsupply@instagram

Pug got a hold of some oreos

Source: littlejulieandukulele@instagram

canine hiding in a bed

Source: ingridcurtis@instagram


boxer gets to Christmas tree ornamanets

Source: moo4fun14@instagram


Canine steals muffins

Source: vanderkim99@instagram


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