Naming a girl dog is a little bit harder than naming a boy dog. I’m sure what I’m about to write may not be considered PC (Pup-litically Correct).  Still, regardless of who owns the dog (man, woman, boy, girl)…a boy dog can have ultra cool names.  On the other end of the gender spectrum, a girl dog can have a cool name or a cute name, and if a manly-dog-man is in charge of that dog sometimes that can be tricky.  For example, imagine a manly-dog-man at the dog park belting out…Cupcake!  Cupcake!  Come here Cupcake!  Hilariously embarrassing, right?

With that in mind, here’s an ongoing list of girl dog names (with meanings, and implications)–more cool than cute.  We can have girl power in our names without being so cutesy, can’t we?  I think that’s way PC!  Pup-litically cool!

Need a little help choosing a name from the list?  Let BarkingLaughs help, we have developed a Dog Naming system that takes your personality into account. BarkingLaugh’s Dog Naming Generator.   We will be adding more girl dog names with every new generator/quiz. Be sure you start your search on our Dog Names Starting Page, which has some tips and do nots in regards to choosing from the girl dog names list!

girl dog names results from the personality generator

Girl Dog Names

Aurora: The heavenly lights. The roman goddess of the dawn. Sleeping Beauty’s name.

Bailey:  First used as a last name for persons that were bailiffs.  Also, the definition of bailey is a protective wall surrounding a castle, which can be a symbolic name for a dog that protects you.  Bailey can also work double-duty as a boy dog’s name.

Bella:  Italian for beautiful. Also, the name of the girl in the Twilight series.

Belle:  French for beautiful. Also, the main character in Beauty and the Beast.

Cali:  Means beautiful and lovely. Also, the nickname of the golden state of California.

CeCe:  The people I know that have named their dog CeCe often tell me it stands for something with the initials CC.  So, it’s pretty much limited by your imagination.

Cricket:  Originally from the insect the makes that annoying chirping sound.  Later, became the nickname for names like Christine, Chris, Christie.  Perfect name for a small dog that has a certain kind of bark or whine.

Daisy:  The flower, and also the name of that Daisy-duke wearing cool cousin from the Dukes of Hazard.

Dixie:  A nickname for the southern USA (anything under the Mason-Dixon line is considered to be part of Dixie).  Good name for a southern dog.

Dot:  Nickname for Dorthy (Gift from God).  Name of the sister from the unknown species from the Animaniacs cartoon.   Good name for a mixed dog.

Ellie:  Nickname for Ellen or Eleanor.  Translation means, “God is my Light”.

Harley:  Hare’s meadow.  Can have a few symbolic meanings:  Harley Davidson Motorcycles, or Harley Quinn from the Batman universe.  This name currently is one of the more popular ones on the Girl Dog Names list, because of the “Suicide Squad” movie.

Harper:  Used to be given to harp players.

Lila:  This name has several meanings.  One is ‘night,’ and another dark-haired beauty.  It is also Latin for Lily.

Lola:  Means sorrow, or woman of strength.

Lucy:  Means light, fair complected or shiny. Can also represent Lucille Ball, the famous ginger actress (so if you have an Irish Setter always trying to steal the show, Lucy might be a good name).

Luna:  Means moon.  Roman goddess of the moon.  This name currently is one of the more popular names on the Girl Dog Names list for Huskies.

Maggie:  Child of light.  Increased popularity based on the character from the Walking Dead.

Millie:  Short form of Mildred, meaning gentle strength.

Minnie:  Nickname of Mary, which has a few meanings, “rebellion,” or “wished-for-child.”  Also, a descriptive adjective meaning small.  Could be used as an ironic nickname for a big dog.

Molly:  Another nickname of Mary; but means “star of the sea.”  Also, the current street name of a party drug, similar to ecstasy.

Nikita:  Means unconquerable.  The name of the main character in the movie Nikita or  La Femme Nikita about an assassin.  Also, a title of a song by Elton John.

Pepper:  From the spice.  Also, the name of Iron Man’s assistant, Pepper Potts.

Piper:  A pipe or flute player.  Name of one of the main characters on the TV show Charmed.  A title of a Phish song.  Can also be a throwback reference for wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

Ruby:  A scarlet jewel.  “Red” in Latin.  Also, the name of an Australian actress who’s made her mark on the Netflix’s show, Orange is the New Black, Ruby Rose.

Sadie:  Comes from the name Sarah, which means princess.

Sophie:  Means wisdom.

Tess:  Nickname for Teresa.  Teresa is from the Greek word “therizein,” which means to reap what over time has evolved into harvest.

Willow:  Resolute or peaceful…like a willow tree.  The willow tree is known for its slender branches, and flexibility during storms; yet, has a solid large underground root system which grounds it.

Zoey:  Means life.  Exactly what a dog becomes…a wonderful part of your life!


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