Naming a boy dog is a lot easier than naming a girl dog. I’m sure what I’m about to write may not be considered PC (Pup-litically Correct).  Still, regardless of who owns the dog (man, woman, boy, girl)…a boy dog can have an ultra cool name.  You can hardly go wrong with a boy name.  If you are a woman or a girl and decide to name your dog something cutesy, the embarrassment is on you, I don’t think the dog will care.

With that in mind, here’s an ongoing list of boy dog names (with meanings, and implications)–more cool than cute.

Need a little help choosing a name from the list?  Let BarkingLaughs help, we have developed a Dog Naming system that takes your personality into account. BarkingLaugh’s Dog Naming Generator.   We will be adding more boy dog names with every new generator/quiz.  Be sure you start your search on our Dog Names Starting Page, which has some tips and do nots in regards to choosing from the boy dog names list!

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Boy Dog Names

Atticus:  Mostly based on the fictional character in To Kill a Mockingbird.  The name embodies the character traits of Atticus Finch:  fairness and strength.  It implies that you like literature.

Bear:  Name actually symbolizes a bear–cute and cuddly (the teddy bear variety); but ferocious if crossed (the animal).

Blade:  This name can have several different meanings.  Blade is the vampire hunter in Marvel Comics.  It can also be taken literally as the blade of the knife.

Buck:  When you imagine Bucks, you picture big deer with their glorious antlers, which sometimes can strike fear in their aggressors.  Also, can imply money, making your Buck a valuable asset.

Comet:  The celestial body that speeds through the realm of space.  Also, the name of one of Santa’s reindeer.

Creed:  Creed is the name of Saber-tooth in Marvel Comics–a ferocious feral creature.  Also, the name of a sub-par grunge rock group in the late 90s and early 00s that had a few popular ditties.

Cujo:  The name of the famous St. Bernard who contracted Rabies in Stephen King’s novel, Cujo.  You could use this as an ironic nickname with a small dog.

Diogee:  The eastern word for Dog.  Just kidding.  You definitely need to be an extrovert if you choose this name because it will always lead to conversations.  Diogee is the exact spelling of  D O G.

Duke:  The nickname of one the greatest,  John Wayne.  Also, the last name of those good old boys, never meaning no harm from the Dukes of Hazzard, a popular show from the 1980s.

Flash: The scarlet speedster from DC Comics who can move at super speed.  Could be used for a slow dog as an ironic nickname.  This name currently is one of the more popular names on the Boy Dog Names list because of the CW TV show and upcoming JLA Movie.

Gambit:  A sacrificing move in Chess in order to gain an advantage.  Also, the name of the mutant thief in the X-Men universe.

Grimes:  The last name of the hero in the Walking Dead TV show and comic; Rick Grimes.

Hercules:  The hero who was the son of Jupiter in Roman Mythology (Zeus: Greek Mythology).  Hercules was known for his feats of strength.

Jack:  Just a normal name; but popular human name.  This implies that you like to keep it simple, and don’t need added attention.

Knightt:  There are multiple meanings for Knight.  The first is from the middle ages–a warrior who fought for a Lord–often characterized by chivalrous conduct bound with a code of conduct.  The second meaning is from the pages of Batman.  Batman’s nickname throughout the comic books and movies is the “Dark Knight”.

Kryto:  The dog of Steel.  Superman’s dog from the planet Krypton.   He stands for everything that Superman stands for:  Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Logan:  The Wolverine from the Marvel Universe.  In the comic books, Wolverine was always depicted as small, stocky, ferocious, and deadly.

Loki:  The mischief/trickster Norse god.  Also, Thor’s adopted brother and often enemy in the Marvel Universe.

Mason:  Technically, Mason means a person that worked with stones.  The name symbolizes strength with a solid foundation.

Maverick:  An independent thinker and doer (a nonconformist).  While it’s true that Tom Cruise ruined this name for awhile; we believe there’s been enough time elapsed since Top Gun to make it cool again. Update:  Tom Cruise announced that they are now going to make a Top Gun Sequel named “Maverick”.  So this name might be removed from the boy dog names list.

Max:  Another normal name implying a need to blend in, not stand out.  Max was also the name of the bionic German Shepherd in the Bionic Woman TV show.

Puck:  The mischievous elf  from Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  This name can also be used if you’re a hockey fan.

Red:  Generally reserved for a red-haired dog.  Also, the name of Morgan Freeman’s Character in The Shawshank Redemption.

Rocky:  Rough and tough.  Traditional name of boxers, especially the fictional Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies.  This name currently is one of the more popular names on the Boy Dog Names list for the Boxer breed.

Romeo:  Name after the doomed star-crossed lover from the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet.  Sometimes used to refer to a guy that fixates upon love.

Ryder:  What they use to call Knights, so symbolizes the same.

Scout:  Comes from a person that travels alone to gather intelligence for a large group.  This is also the name of Atticus Finch’s daughter in To Kill A Mockingbird, so some believe that it’s strictly a girl’s name.  Scout was also first used as the name of Tonto’s horse in The Lone Ranger.

Titan:  A titan is a person who is very powerful, smart, and strong.  In mythology, the Titans were the children of gods who conspired to take over.   Can also be used to describe something massive.

Van:  This can either represent the Man, the myth the legend, Van Gogh.  Or it can be a shout out to the Vans shoe empire.

Walker:  What the zombies are called in the Walking Dead:  a creature that will stop at nothing to eat.  Sounds like a lot of dogs I’ve encountered.

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