Naming your dogs can sometimes be a daunting task.  You’re going to be saying that name over and over again for a long time.  So picking out that perfect name is critical.  picture of 8 week old puppy Cali, which is on the girl dog names list

There are several different factors to consider when choosing the perfect name.  Not to put any pressure on you, but whatever name you choose for your new puppy will unfortunately tell the world who you are.   Do you have a sense of humor?   Are you a hipster dufus?  Are you trying to be part of the trend, do you create the trend or can you care less about the trend?  Do you have a sensitive side?  Do you read the book or do you wait for the movie?  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Are you part of the pop culture landscape or are you old-school?  Are you book smart or street smart?  Do you have the time to explain to every stranger what does that name mean or do you have plenty of spare time to explain it?  Are you the type of person that always creates nicknames from someone’s given name or shorten their name?    Then you might want to avoid one syllable names.

Then throw in the sex of the dog.  Boy dog names and girl dog names, require a different logic all together.  Not to sound pup-litically incorrect, but naming a boy is a thousand times easier…a boy dog can have ultra cool names.  On the other end of the gender spectrum, a girl dog can have a cool name or a cute name, and if a manly-dog-man is in charge of that dog sometimes that can be tricky.

What if it’s a family dog?  Everyone in the house should agree on the name.  Whatever you do, don’t let your child come up with the names.  Unless of course you don’t mind yelling “Mr. Buttons” or “Cupcake” at the park.  Give them a choice of a few names, and you can avoid the problem with them still thinking they named the new puppy.  Remember that control is most of the time an illusion.  Cali, the yellow Labrador craning her head at 14 weeks

The biggest factor you should consider is actually the dog itself.  The name shouldn’t confuse the pup.  Try to avoid names that sound like basic commands.  How difficult would it be for you pup if you named him “Ray” and you need to teach them to “Stay” or “Lay”.   Also, what if there was someone in the house that had the name Jay.  So you want to avoid names that sound like or rhyme with names of family members.  What if you love country boy dog names like “Bo”.  Have fun training your pup the word “no”.

Lot of stuff to take into consideration.  Sounds a bit stressful?  Luckily, BarkingLaughs has some solutions, we have a girl dog names section, a boy dog names section and a Personality dog name generator.   This quiz or generator takes your personality into consideration to give you some awesome options for a unique dog name.

The biggest piece of advice in choosing a name, is to wait until you actually get the puppy home.  You might have come up with a perfect name, but it’s a possibility it just won’t fit your puppy.  Have a list of names, get to know your puppy and then test out your choice.  If it doesn’t work try a new one.  It won’t confuse the pup if this happens in the first couple of days.  Just make sure you decide sooner rather than latter, 4-5 days at the most.  Also, once the name has been chosen, make sure everyone in the house uses that name and only that name for at least a year.  If your daughter or son decides to use a special nickname, make sure they use it after your dog has been completely trained.

Don’t automatically jump to the Boy Dog Names list or the Girl Dog Names List, take the personality test first.  You might want to take it a few times and change up some of the “on the fence” answers that you had.

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