What Would You Do if These Dogs Rang Your Doorbell on Halloween Night?

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Halloween is one weird night.  Kids dress up in costumes and beg neighbors for candy with the threat of a trick if they don’t get a treat.  Throw your dogs into the mix, and it’s great fun to dress them up even if they get gypped with the whole candy situation.

BarkingLaughs suggests creating a Howl-O-Ween night, October 30th!  We can don costumes on our dogs, walk the neighborhood, and get treats, toys, and bones.  If a neighbor doesn’t have a treat to give, then the dog can offer up a trick–using a neighbor’s front lawn for all sorts of doggy business.  Deuce or dog biscuits?  A great alternative to the cliched trick or treat!

While you’re here, check out the latest Dog Halloween Costumes, and our first Howl-o-ween Dog post.

Here we have either a viking or a doggy devil.  Take your pick.

Howloween viking costume for Dogs

Source: honzimmer@instagram

Love that the larger dog posed for (and pulled off) this pirate costume as spot-on as the smaller one.

Two funny dogs dressed as pirates

Source: sdefore@instagram

Hysterical!  You can get this costume in only a few days through Amazon, Chick Magnet.

Dog dressed as chick magnet

Source: socaljen27@instagram

We’ll be seeing a lot of Wonder Woman Costumes this year!

little dog dressed up as Wonder Woman for Howl_o_ween

Source: littles_big_adventure@instagram

Yo-da bomb in this costume!  There are several Star Wars Costumes over at Amazon!
little dog dressed as Yoda

Source: mgagnon93@instagram

I think I like this one the best.  Or maybe it’s the dog!

Don’t look so cross, bee.  Your Dog Costume is buzzing off the shelves!
Bumble Bee dog costume

Source: emilythelabradoodle@instagram

We couldn’t find an exact match; but we did find this hysterical Bee Costume at Amazon.

The next two canines are some Hot Dogs!  I wonder if they get confused dressing up like the food they like to beg for?

Husky Halloween costume

Source: bperkins01@instagram

dog dressed as hot dog

Source: noahgosh@instagram

Hairy Pawter

This Harry Potter Dog Costume is way awesome!

Howloween harry potter costume for Dogs

Source: mr_sherlockbones@instagram

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t sell Harry Potter Dog Costumes; but we were able to find some of the items separately.

  1. The Glasses and Tie
  2. The Scarf
  3. A Hooded Cape

We ordered these accessories, so expect an update post shortly.  Be sure to become a fan on our Facebook page to get all of our updates!

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