These Dogs are so Mischievous That They Only Deserve 1 thing! A Bath!

Funny Dog Pictures

Gotta love the rainy season. Stuck inside with dogs that wants nothing more than to roam, frolic, play outside.  Long, hairy dog-days later, the rain stops.  You venture out only to greet the enemy–MUD.  Of course, mud to a dog is more than likely what booze is to humans.  Fun to indulge–but the hangover (not so fun)–a good old fashioned BATH.

I stayed on the grass the whole time.  I swear!”

white canine with a muddy face

Source: lifewithchief@instagram

“I knew it was a mistake to try to drink that puddle.”

Labrador retriever that looks like they tried to drink from a mud puddle.

Source: baileyandbrandy_pups@instagram

“Who me?  Nope.  I didn’t throw the ball into the mud puddle.”

black canine in a mud puddle surrounded by balls and a Frisbee

Source: luke.man_@instagram

“Not another step or I WILL roll over!”

pure white pooch in a mud puddle

Source: thedogsquad@instagram

“Not too worried about the sand.  I’m sure half of it will come off in your car.”

Yellow Labrador is all sandy and dirty

Source: ellecoleman66@instagram

“My paws are dry.  I heard from the poodle next door that a mud soak is the new go-to treatment.”

Siberian Husky playing in a mud puddle

Source: seb_the_siberian_husky@instagram

“It’s wet.  So, let’s count this as my bath.”

Mika the Doberman in a mud puddle

Source: mika_thedoberman@instagram

“The mud’s the least of your concerns.  I’ve been pollinated!”

little puppy all dirty

Source: patriot_k9@instagram

“I’m just a dog…doing what dogs do.”

canine in a mud puddle

Source: chloehutton7@instagram

“I’m aerating the soil for you!”

puppy in a planter

Source: rollinwithroxie@instagram

“It was good while it lasted.”

Muddy Labrador looking guilty in the shower

Source: travelpoppies_@instagram

Who would have thought that mud would create such memorial Funny Dog Pictures? Take great relief that you can enjoy the shenanigans of these funny dogs without having to clean up.   Do you want to look at more dirty dogs?  Need more Dog Pictures? Check them all out and be sure to share!