Christmas Dog Shaming! Has your Dog achieved Naughty List Status yet?

Dog Shaming Pictures

It’s that wonderful time of the year. Which can very interesting if you have a dog.  Think of all the shenanigans that dogs get up to during the month of December.  If this post of Christmas Dog Shaming is any indicator, then they get up to a ton.

Who can really blame a dog with all the wacky stuff that happens during Christmas. In the first place, there is tree in the middle of your house with lights and balls hanging off of it. Then there are boxes in wrapped in colorful paper just lying on the floor.   Of course the candy the cookies and the candy canes all over the place. Not to mention that little creepy elf that always is staring at you.  It’s a dog’s dream, and an owner’s nightmare.  If your dog hasn’t achieved naughty list status yet, then you can sit back and be grateful you didn’t have to deal with any of the following dog shaming pictures.

Christmas Dog Shaming

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that ate baby Jesus

Source: beatinghearth@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that peed on the Christmas tree

Courtesy: life.with.mav@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that opened the presents

Source: jessskow@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that ate the lights

Courtesy: river_miniaussiecollie@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that ate an ornament

Source: thejacksoncanine@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that ate glitter

Courtesy: smcnasty16@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that just ate a gingerbread house


Christmas dog shaming picture of a Labrador that licked a gingerbread house

Courtesy: princesssoup21@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that dropped a duece under the tree

Source: agraytip@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that chewed off the hat of the elf on the shelf

Courtesy: centralperk.95@instagramsilly.millie27@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that ate the elf on the shelf

Source: kateemcbride@instagram

Christmas dog shaming picture of a dog that ate the Christmas Presents

Courtesy: denno2k5_@instagram

Christmas dog shaming Dog killed santa

Courtesy: rink_mum@instagram

Christmas dog shaming pooch peed on present

Source: corndog87@instagram

Christmas dog shaming pooch ate lights

Courtesy: aliceusmith@instagram

Christmas dog shaming canine keep eating food

Source: jshamsmith@instagram

Christmas dog shaming dog admits to eating the naughty list

Courtesy: romerosk9club@instagram

Christmas dog shaming canine ate bacon off the counter

Source: tracierupert@instagram

Of course the picture below can not be classified as “Dog Shaming” but it’s funny enough to be in this post.

Christmas dog shaming ho ho fo sho

Courtesy: kellijean82@instagram

Christmas dog shaming shoe eating

Source: themegryan@instagram

Christmas dog shaming candy eating

Courtesy: nevandfriends@instagram

Christmas dog shaming light eater

Source: npenn77@instagram

As you can see, some of these dogs are definitely worthy of the naughty list.  On the other hand, it’s Christmas, they still deserve a present.

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