The Newest Step in Christmas Preparation, Christmas Dog Proofing!

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What in the world happened to make these dog owners go to this kind of Christmas Dog Proofing.   I guess the temptation of a tree is pretty big, considering the relationship that most dogs have with trees.  Who can really blame the dog though?  In the first place, you just brought their bathroom inside.  Then you hang balls from the tree with lights.

So, it looks like you have four different options in dog proofing.  First, the fence or gate around the tree.  Second, isolate the tree in a different room and block dog access, Third, put the tree on a table.  Lastly, skip the tree and put up a picture instead.  Of course, there is always the option of hanging the tree from the ceiling; but that seems way to complex.

So, do you have to deal with this issue?  If not, be grateful and enjoy the show.

Christmas Dog Proofing

Christmas dog proofing with a gate

Courtesy: dani.and.finn@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with the tree in a blocked off room

Source: 123fiona@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a baby gate

Courtesy: donna_keithly@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a big gate

Source: vanessamandziuk@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a huge plastic gate

Courtesy: gracieandtux@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a tree on a table

Source: norman_thebulldog@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a plastic baby gate

Courtesy: pms518@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a picture of a tree

Source: crazelhazel@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a short room divider

Courtesy: mrsceja.17@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a an outdoor fence

Source: sherlock_bones17@instagram

Christmas dog proofing with a picket fence

Courtesy: passalacquapups@instagram

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