Last Christmas Eve’s Secret Revealed. How a Dog Saved the Day!

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Barking Laughs bring you this exclusive Christmas Dog Video.

The Christmas Eve Secret of 2016

Thankfully, most of you were spared the events that occurred on December 24, 2016.  If the situation was known at the time, there would have been a global panic.  Most children are unaware how close they came to not getting any presents on Christmas morning.  Since a year has nearly lapsed, we feel that it is safe for you to know what really happened last Christmas eve.

It all started with Comet the Reindeer and a sprained hoof that sidelined Santa’s power-house reindeer.  Santa could not do his Christmas Eve trip with a reindeer short.  Luckily, the North Pole has several back-up reindeer that train for this very situation.  Unfortunately for Santa, they were all millennial reindeer.

What does it matter that they were millennial reindeer?  Apparently a lot.  The Reindeer Games always determined the backup order for the sled.  However, unknown to Santa, the 2016 Reindeer Games were different.  Because of hurt feelings from previous losers, the millennial reindeer decided that they would not play to win but play to have fun.  So there was no winners, no losers, just participants.  Additionally, the reindeer all believed that any replacement should be entitled to a pay raise.  Santa couldn’t deal with this type of behavior, so he called an old friend for some advice.

The Dog That Saved Christmas

Yellow Labrador Puppy Cali the Dog image for the Christmas Dog VideoEnter Cali the Yellow Labrador.  She always knew that she was meant for greatness, ever since she was a little pup.  Went Santa called that afternoon, she didn’t hesitate for one second.  Cali knew what had to happen, and who was going to make it happen.  Even though she wasn’t a reindeer and she couldn’t fly, she stepped up to help pull Santa’s sleigh.

Christmas Eve 2016 was saved because of one dog’s determination.

We do not have any video of the actual flight of 2016.  However, we were fortunate enough to have a video of the Santa Call.

Christmas Dog Video

Thankfully this Christmas Dog Video was discovered.  Thank you Cali!

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